International Theoretical Event. Cultural Corridor from Línea Street

“An Urban Acupuncture Project for Havana”

LaB.26. Calle 26 No.255/ 19 y 21. Vedado. La Habana

10:00 _ 16:00

Unsustainable Architecture is a series of meetings that gathers professionals and theoreticians from several fields that have to do with architecture, as a tool for the conception of the city. Since 2016, these yearly gatherings allow France and the Americas to meet, and after the 2018 edition, participants with different backgrounds from France, Mexico and the U.S.A will take part: professionals, experts, scholars. In 2019, the event will be hosted by Cuba, and the main proposal for the consideration of the attendants is the urban renovation project named: Corredor Cultural Calle Línea (Cultural Corridor from Línea Street). The project's development team itself has brought forward several questions to be debated: How to heal the wounds of a city like Havana? Could a recovery project be undertaken in a territory of high patrimonial value with a minimum budget? What role should culture play? Could a step back mean a jump into the future?

Credits to: Proyecto Espacios

_ “An Urban Acupuncture Project for Havana”

_ Credits to: Proyecto Espacios