Art Festival in Línea Street

3KM for Culture

Calle Línea

17:00 _ 23:50

This work is one of the proposals for the 13th Visual Arts Biennale from Havana, and it has been selected because of its performative nature and also due to its "work in progress" condition. Starting from the idea that successfully making changes to a certain space will create a bigger change; in a way that every projected action is continued by the next one until the expected remodeling effect is achieved. The goal of sharing the idea of a performative architecture type is complemented by a group of actions that take into account the participation of local institutions and artists encouraged by their cultural and ethical goals in common with those of Proyecto Espacios (PE). The Cultural Corridor from Línea Street is an ongoing urban work that is continuously making progress, and the goal of its first stage, during the Visual Arts Biennale from Havana, is to socialize the idea of the project itself and interact with the people that will visit and inhabit it in the future.

Credits to: Proyecto Espacios

_ Art Festival in Línea Street

_ Credits to: Proyecto Espacios